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Local Info

A-Z of B&NES services

Household Rubbish
Bins, rubbish, recycling - all you need to know.

Local Bus Service
Many links here regarding bus services, including time tables, fares, change of service etc.

Parking & Travel info
This covers:
Accessible Parking: Advisory Disabled Bays and Blue Badge
Car Club: Easily hire a car for 30 minutes or more
Car Parking: Maps and details
Community Transport: Dial-a-ride etc
Cycling: Info in general
Electric Cars: Charging locations
Park & Ride: Locations, hours etc
Parking Bay: Reserve parking bay in residential area
Public Transport: From bus passes to time tables
Shopmobility: How to access services
Transport Plans: Council's transport plans, policies & projects.

Village Hall
Make enquiries or book the village hall

Parish Council
Minutes of Meetings and contact details of your local Parish Councillors

Your Unitary Councillor
Your Unitary Councillor is Neil Butters who represents Bathavon South Ward. His Focus newsletter can be downloaded here.

Member of Parliament
How to contact the MP for your area.

Valley Parishes Alliance
Exists to determine and provide a common response to social, economic & environ-mental issues. Parish Council is a member.

A-Z of B&NES services

Welcome to Monkton Combe Village Website

Village Newsletter -May 2015 (.pdf)

News of the start date for the anticipated total closure north of the junction is March 2nd.

We received a communication regarding access to the Monkton Combe Garage during this time. This reads as follows:

When the A36 will be closed to through traffic between Hantone Hill and the Brassknocker Hill junction from Monday 2 March 2015. During this time, the services offered by businesses in this location, such as The Monkton Combe Garage, will continue and access to these businesses will be maintained. However, it may be prudent to call any business before visiting to ensure this remains the same. Customers coming from the south will not be affected by the closure. However, for those travelling down from Bath, you will have to go via Brassknocker Hill, which will remain open for the duration of the work.  

If you have any further queries regarding the works and how it might affect you please contact the Highways Agency on  0300 123 5000

Planning Application and general village information:
The Parish Council has decided to no longer supply the village website with any village related information. 

Please contact the clerk of the Parish Council, or any councillor, for information regarding Planning Applications or information relating to the village i.e. bus, road works, rubbish collection etc.

Road Closureses within the B&NES area can be found here and a map view of current road works can be found here . Alternatively please contact the clerk  to the Parish Council or any Councillor for information.

Local Traffic Reports

Click on diamond shapes to view traffic report.
Left click on map and drag to choose new location.

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About Monkton Combe

Read about the beauty of the village and why people living there love it so much. For those visiting the Bath area, the village is well worth a visit with some breathtaking views from the top of the hillsides. There are a selection of walks you can follow - and at the centre of the village you will find the Wheelwright Arms - a welcoming place for a meal or some light refreshments.ts.

History of the Village

Portrait of a Parish - As a Millennium project, the Women's Institute (W.I.) compiled a book called "Portrait of a Parish". With input from residents past and present - it describes the last 100 years of Monkton Combe. A must to read! See how different life was then compared to now. Read brief extracts here, then click on the History link on left to read more.

Walks in and around Monkton Combe

The countryside around here is stunningly beautiful. There are a variety of walks in the immediate area for you to explore. Some are quite easy going, while others take a bit more stamina.


  • Addition of a Village Green - organised by Village Hall Committee and the land kindly donated by Monkton Combe School

  • Foot Bridge over the Mill Leat - after a 20 year + absence, thus enabling the footpath to be fully used. Thanks to Parish Council and Colin Hudson from B&NES. This was a Millennium Project. The bridge is unofficially named "Millennium Bridge" A name plaque was added to the bridge in 2012.

  • 20mph Speed Limit - through village - organised by Monkton Combe School and Parish Council as a joint venture. Hopefully this will make vehicles slow down when driving through the single tracks and where roads are frequented by school children.

  • Lock up - repairs to the Lock up.

  • Playground - replacement equipment and new safety flooring

Village Photos

Here you will find a selection of photographs taken in and around the village. If anyone has any pictures they would like shown, then please let me know via the contact page.



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